Sunday, 12 March 2017

Your move....creep! Robocop Commission

I recently got commissioned by the awesome pairing of Gavin Mitchell and Emily Owen. Gavin's a super talented artist  and he's worked on Santa Claus vs The Nazis and currently working on Trolltooth Wars. You should check out Gavin's work at

Anyway back to the commissions!!! I had to draw Robocop for the anniversary and I could of not more happier. Robocop has to be in my top 5 films. I remember watching at an age I shouldn't of watched it and totally blown away and still am now.

Am quite happy about this turned out and tried a few new techniques, new pens and a few risks. I attempted to draw it about 3 times, i either get the pose right, the pose I chose wasn't working or just having a bad day drawing. But in the end I went this pose and thought I could inject some strong dynamics to make the image pop. So with like he's walking out of the mist at his lower right foot, he's got dents and scratches from the battle previous etc. The parts am happy about are my brush work and using grey tone topics. The brush pens I use to use all the time and really staring to dig them again and what marks and shapes you can make with them. The grey tone markers where a massive risk because I haven't used that often in commissioned work. I was trying to give a sort of screen tone effect, which didn't happen. However I was really happy with the way it turned out and how I got the tones blend well with each other. Hopefully I will get a bit more practice and confidence in the future.

Anyway he's the geezer with added BIG ROUND shoulders!!!

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