Friday, 22 June 2018

Villain Character Sheet for "G & T'

This is a part concept work from 'G & T' my upcoming web comic which goes online in (hopefully) September!
This is the villain of the story (still working on his name)
He'll be the real villain of the story but will be working behind the scenes for the first part of the story while 'G & T' trundle along on there adventure.
I can't wait to show my ideas, characters and most webcomic in the coming months. 
Check this space!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Work over the first few months of 2018

Hi guys so sorry I haven't been posting up work over the past few months! My day job (working at a private hospital) has full on. I though I would one mass post of some things I've drawn over the first few months of 2018. Some of them are commissions, portfolio work and warm ups. 

I've made a conservative effort on improving my figure skills. I've read a lot of Andrew Loomis anatomy books which are fantastic and I recommend highly if trying to improve your drawing skills. 
Am also reading 'Framed Ink' by Marcos Mateu-Mestre at the moment. This a truly great book about storytelling and is a MUST if your ever thinking about doing something of the ilk. 

Am currently working on a few comic projects at the moment which am super mega excited about. Am one page away from finishing up 'Cyn' with Tony Ezmond one of the hosts for the brilliant 'Awesome Comics Podcast' This this has a taken a long time to even get this far, because I feel that I had to improve my drawing skills. I wanted to try a few new techniques and ideas, which I think have turned out well. I'll do a separate post later this week about 'Cyn' 

The other is  'Mobile Suit Gotham' written by Mike Loniewski. This came about by one of my twitter posts of a drawing I scribbled of an alternate Batman universe where he fights and pilots a mech. Mike came up with a script with two days and sent it to me and said 'do you wanna draw it?' my response 'HELL YES!' So hopefully I'll start posting progress pics over on my instagram and twitter over the next couple of months. 

The third project is 'G + T' which is going to be first full length comic. It's going to be a bi-weekly web comic, I won't reveal much now and post up the details on a later post too.



Sunday, 7 January 2018

Big Barda

Heres a recent Big Barda commission I came up with just before Christmas.

I was really really stoked how this came out. I used a few different techniques and change by pencil from a 2h to a 2b. Am going to using the 2b going forward, I really liked being a lot looser and not so intricate.

On this commission I decided to use my grey markers a little less than on previous commissions. I felt that I fill her totally in grey tones. I feel I would lose the details on her armour and that it would become very muddled and unclear.

Anyway here she is and I really feel this is one my best pieces of drawing that I can remember. Lets hope I can improve and carry on from this well into 2018 and beyond.

Big Cartel store

I've recently opened an online store for original art, sketchbooks and prints over at 

Go have a look if you fell like treating yourself the BIG haired barbarian lady warrior sure hopes you do!!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Wave Twisters Concept Art

I commissioned a few months to work up some ideas for a stage play version for the animated hip-hop/DJing/MCing film  "Wave Twisters' 
It was mad idea that I totally feel in love and it gave me the licence to go a bit mad with the it. 
the first design is of a DJ Mecha. I came up with he DJ being in the brain and operating the mecha with turntables and having the mecha itself being made of speakers.

The final two are for concept of what it would look like up on stage. I took a scene from the film and then the other as just a basic layout of the show. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Thought Bubble 2017 pre-show commissions

Hello everyone,

It's that awesome time of year again with Thought Bubble 2017 happening this month.

For the show I have 5 pre-show commission slots available. They will be 11x17" with a maximum of two characters at £100. If you would like more characters the price would increased.

The only requirements are....

1. You must be attending Thought Bubble to pick up your art.

2. It's a first come, first served basis

If you would be interested please email me at

I'll also be doing a few head and bust sketches over the weekend, so feel free to stop by the table over the weekend.

OH heres that email for you again and a few examples of recent commissions

Hope to hear from you lovely people soon.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Your move....creep! Robocop Commission

I recently got commissioned by the awesome pairing of Gavin Mitchell and Emily Owen. Gavin's a super talented artist  and he's worked on Santa Claus vs The Nazis and currently working on Trolltooth Wars. You should check out Gavin's work at

Anyway back to the commissions!!! I had to draw Robocop for the anniversary and I could of not more happier. Robocop has to be in my top 5 films. I remember watching at an age I shouldn't of watched it and totally blown away and still am now.

Am quite happy about this turned out and tried a few new techniques, new pens and a few risks. I attempted to draw it about 3 times, i either get the pose right, the pose I chose wasn't working or just having a bad day drawing. But in the end I went this pose and thought I could inject some strong dynamics to make the image pop. So with like he's walking out of the mist at his lower right foot, he's got dents and scratches from the battle previous etc. The parts am happy about are my brush work and using grey tone topics. The brush pens I use to use all the time and really staring to dig them again and what marks and shapes you can make with them. The grey tone markers where a massive risk because I haven't used that often in commissioned work. I was trying to give a sort of screen tone effect, which didn't happen. However I was really happy with the way it turned out and how I got the tones blend well with each other. Hopefully I will get a bit more practice and confidence in the future.

Anyway he's the geezer with added BIG ROUND shoulders!!!