Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Page Redo for The BIG Couch

Another page for my comic The BIG Couch. It's a redo of one of the pages I wasn't very happy with. Am much happy with this and also made a design choice of slightly changing the look of the heroine Vidgis.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The BIG Couch page one

This is finally my first page for my comic 'The BIG Couch' 
It's set in a distant future where gods still live and now have become weary of the human race. REASON! The humans lack of commitment and faith of the gods. So the gods take on themselves to annihilate the human by sending 'The Aesir'. The elite guard to the gods. However a scientist has found the body of a mysterious young cyborg women named 'Vigdis' who in time will find out who she really is and hold the humanity's survival in her hands.
As you can see your un of the mill sci-fi story really. Am hoping to collect within a year and I'll keep posting stuff up so stay tuned.