Friday, 31 October 2014

Guardian-The Big Couch

This is a character idea for my self-published book "The Big Couch". As by his name he's a Guardian of the world with in the story.

The Shield Maiden.

This is the finished character design for "The Shield Maiden" superhero for a recent proposed project. I was really disappointed that it never got going and had loads of designs for more characters. Anyway am going to finish the project in my own time.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Zuckuss Commission

This was a commission for a massive Star Wars fan of the bounty hunter Zuckuss. Happily the client was happy wight he end result. I got to use my trusty old toothbrush for those splatter effects and go a bit more lose with the drawing than usual. 

Shield Maiden

Haven't posted anything for a long time sorry about that peeps. Anyway here's a little teaser of a project for a client. They wanted to make a Crossfit superhero for a line of fitness wear. They wanted one male superhero and a female superhero. The female superhero i came up with is Shield Maiden who uses her super strength to throw her weights. Unfortunately the project fell throw, but am going to finish off the project for the portfolio.