Friday, 22 June 2018

Villain Character Sheet for "G & T'

This is a part concept work from 'G & T' my upcoming web comic which goes online in (hopefully) September!
This is the villain of the story (still working on his name)
He'll be the real villain of the story but will be working behind the scenes for the first part of the story while 'G & T' trundle along on there adventure.
I can't wait to show my ideas, characters and most webcomic in the coming months. 
Check this space!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Work over the first few months of 2018

Hi guys so sorry I haven't been posting up work over the past few months! My day job (working at a private hospital) has full on. I though I would one mass post of some things I've drawn over the first few months of 2018. Some of them are commissions, portfolio work and warm ups. 

I've made a conservative effort on improving my figure skills. I've read a lot of Andrew Loomis anatomy books which are fantastic and I recommend highly if trying to improve your drawing skills. 
Am also reading 'Framed Ink' by Marcos Mateu-Mestre at the moment. This a truly great book about storytelling and is a MUST if your ever thinking about doing something of the ilk. 

Am currently working on a few comic projects at the moment which am super mega excited about. Am one page away from finishing up 'Cyn' with Tony Ezmond one of the hosts for the brilliant 'Awesome Comics Podcast' This this has a taken a long time to even get this far, because I feel that I had to improve my drawing skills. I wanted to try a few new techniques and ideas, which I think have turned out well. I'll do a separate post later this week about 'Cyn' 

The other is  'Mobile Suit Gotham' written by Mike Loniewski. This came about by one of my twitter posts of a drawing I scribbled of an alternate Batman universe where he fights and pilots a mech. Mike came up with a script with two days and sent it to me and said 'do you wanna draw it?' my response 'HELL YES!' So hopefully I'll start posting progress pics over on my instagram and twitter over the next couple of months. 

The third project is 'G + T' which is going to be first full length comic. It's going to be a bi-weekly web comic, I won't reveal much now and post up the details on a later post too.